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OK, let’s get intimate here.


Counts life in days not years.

Is doing 16,000-something days to life.

Never crosses streets on a do not walk sign.

Met Sidney Poitier at a party.

Is into the wild.

Cultivates brands.

Lived in Las Vegas.

Does accents.

Has gone sky diving.

Prefers green chile.


Is a dog person, but has no dogs.

Is an introverted extrovert.

Is funnier than you think.

Has a unique ability to build teams.

Somehow has a doctoral degree.

Got fired from a dairy queen job.

Is part Hispanic, part Arkansas hillbilly.

Never met Jerry Weintraub, but really wanted to.

Has natural sense of creativity.

Is a retired logistics sales man.

Has 3 impossibly talented kids.

Loves coffee & wine.

Found life’s purpose in Chiropractic.


Worked as a photographer for a magician.

Favorite band is Pearl Jam.

Has a finance degree.

Regrets getting a finance degree.

Eats Ketogenic.

New Mexico True.