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“Connection to the people and passions that we love elevates our purpose”

– Allen R. Miner

Connection & purpose are common themes throughout my interests and business ventures. I believe that a purpose driven life creates fulfillment.

Connecting the right people into the right job opportunity and business is a passion for me. Our work at Ideal Team Consulting is centered on helping companies build dynamic teams designed around each person’s unique individual strengths. Effective teams are created with diverse people. When a team understands and appreciates each members’ basic natural behavioral traits, along with their communication & leadership style, the stage is set for exponential growth. Our clients are located around the globe and vary from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

At Chiro MatchMakers our focus is specific. We are strong advocates for Associate Doctors of Chiropractic. Our specialty is connecting them to the job opportunity that best fits their specific goals, dreams, and personal strengths. We leverage our proprietary predictive behavioral algorithm, and years of experience, to achieve our objective of connecting Chiropractors.

You will clearly see my focus on connection from a physical/neurological perspective inside of the work that we do at our chain of Health Quest Chiropractic offices, and our online classroom The Health Quest Learning Academy. I have observed over the past 15 years that the better your health, the more energy and focus you have to serve this world through your own God given purpose. When you are sick and in pain, it is difficult to focus on anything other than your own survival. The beauty of Chiropractic is our ability to quickly and effectively guide your body to heal & stay healthy without the use of drugs or surgery.

Our contribution and connection within our community to beauty and the arts is illustrated through Magnify Dance Center. When a community embraces the arts, that city thrives, and the stronger that community’s economic development becomes. Magnify Dance Center creates an environment where Albuquerque youth learn lifelong lessons in artistry and discipline through dance.

My love of wine is evident through Wines of Instagram. Wine, in its most simple description, is sunlight captured in water. How that grape is grown, nurtured, harvested, prepared, and developed is symbolic for many of my values that you will note in my descriptions above.

I share the fundamentals behind our ventures in key note talks and fire side chats. My topics are focused around business development, dynamic team building, corporate health & wellness, purpose driven business, & decision making based around core values. For more information, available dates, & speaking rates please contact me at the email below.